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Additionally, attempts at date-setting (of both the explicit and implicit varieties) undermine a biblical approach to waiting for Jesus in three significant ways. Date-setting encourages a type of restlessness for the end of time that discourages patience.

This brings us to a deeper awareness that we don’t and can’t make it happen; it is totally up to God. But waiting for Jesus on the basis of God’s promise also produces hope, because it means the foundation of our waiting is not merely a wish; it’s a certainty grounded in the character of God himself.

Some farmers left their crops unharvested; others gave away their possessions.

Out of Miller’s failed prophecies (called “The Great Disappointment”) arose Seventh-day Adventism.

As a pastor, I’ve been told quite often by Christians that they believe Jesus will return in our own generation.

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How should we respond to explicit and implicit date-setting?But that humility and patience is undermined when Christians believe they have “figured out” that we live in the last generation. Followers have emptied their bank accounts, quit their jobs, and squandered resources that could have been put to better use for the kingdom. At the end of his great section of end-time teaching in Mark 13, Jesus tells a story that makes the case for productivity.